Who is a translator?

Translation-CambodianWho is a translator?

Different from interpreter (who is helping to transfer the intended messages from the speakers), a translator will help carry the meaning of phrases, words or complete meaning of the written documents or texts.

Our Premium Services

Our team of Professional Translators enable premium services which means they are professional and reliable. Our services shall guarantee satisfaction. Our translators are certified in specific directions for example, Thai into English or Cambodian into English only (not both directions). From technical documents to contracts, from software localization to business plans and product guides, this service will help people communicate in the most effective manner available.

For your information, we have listed a few of the fields of expertise that our translators have. Each area of business has an entire way of communicating and requires a deep understanding of the terminology and context; we do everything we can to help you get the best possible translation:
– Business & Finance
– Academics
– Legal
– Marketing and Public Relations
– Software Localization
– Technical Writing
– Immigration

Our Pricing

Certified translation

Most legal documents need a certified translating such as documents for immigration purposes, including birth/marriage certificates, diplomas, police certificates and passport stamps. Truthfully, most translations are completed within 1-3 business days.

Pricing per document

One page $40
Two pages $70
Three pages $110
Four pages $140
Five+ (per page) $32

Business translation

Practically, business translations don’t need certified translating.

We charge such orders on a per word basis. The price depends on the Source/Target languages, amount of text, time frame, file format, and so forth. The average is $0.10-0.15 per word. There is a minimum of $40 per translation. We transcribe audio recordings for $1 per minute.


Regular mail (free) 3…6 days
Express mail ($20) 1…2 days

We don’t offer walk-in services, the best way to order is to go online or by mailing us the documents you need to be translated. This approach significantly helps us to keep these low rates. If you are in a rush, consider using express mail delivery ($20). Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

*GST is not included. We accept: check, certified check, Western Union, Money Gram, credit/debit cards, PayPal. A minimum of $40 is charged per language. A surcharge applies to some exotic languages or special requests.


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